simple things (desertbloom) wrote in tea_time,
simple things


"why is the measure of love loss? love demands expression. it will not stay still, stay silent, be good, be modest, be seen and not be heard, no. it will break out in tongues of praise, the high note that smashes the glass and spills the liquid. it is not a conservationist love. it is a big game hunter and you are the game. a curse on this game. how can you stick at a game when the rules keep changing? i shall call myself alice and play croquet with the flamingoes. in wonderland everyone cheats and love is Wonderland, isn't it? love makes the world go round. love is blind. all you need is love. nobody ever died of a broken heart. you'll get over it. time's a great healer. still waiting for mr. right? miss right? it's the cliche's that cause the trouble...."
-author j. winterson from written on the body
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