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wondering what emotions this invokes in anyone, if any?

feel you
your lamp lit moonskin

heat me
my dampened sequins

haze us
colored cloudy waterfalls

hazy fading smile and all

I always love hearing what certain prose means to one, and how completely that can be for another - happy to have joined your community today, there are some wonderful things here!
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mmmm this makes me feel cozy. which is a good thing. :)
Thank you SO much! Cozy is definitely one of the things I am trying to project. I'm so happy I joined this community, I've been happily reading for weeks now, and with my schedule (12 hour graveyard) I have a lot of time to read through the various communities. This one seems friendly, and now that is confirmed! :o)
there hasn't been much going on lately.
it's kind of a quite community.
but maybe things will perk up :)
i hope so.

thanks for posting your poem
please continue to share! :)
Well, let's get it rollin! I've got lotsa poems.....
let's have it =)
Thanks! I will, but just arrived at work, and the first few hours are usually busy, I'll be posting later though! And I wanna read more of everone else's stuff too.
kind of horny-but in a sweet way.
Hehee! either way, DO elaborate!! I do believe it is both, indeed! Thanks for the comment, I appreciate your feedback.
Actually I meant horny. I think it was probably how short the verses were, but they still flowed and they kind of leave you wondering. I mean, maybe I'm a nympho, but this to me could be like, an orgasm, or sex in general. The sex starts in the first stanza, in the 2nd it peaks, in the 3rd it's over and you're dreaming about it, in the 4th you wake up to see what you slept with and you're regretting it.

I love it.
OOH OOH OOH! I that is what I was going for, especially with:

heat me
my dampened sequins (sequin'd panties are NOT comfortable, I must add)

and then, of course, the sleeping at the end, of course, that's usually the man's part. Sex always wakes me up, and makes me wanna clean the house or somehting. But then, I'm a bit odd....

Thanks for the comments...and I love your webpage! :o)
fleeting warmth