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tea time's Journal
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Sunday, April 23rd, 2006
3:46 pm
little lost lovers
stickdoll twined with little deerhairs &
a peachpit heart bulged
throbbed, from inside
i found you while cavorting in the minefield and
cast a spell,
made you real
with little labyrinthine circuitries, i swam them:
through vena cava and dorsal aorta
sounded exotic & i wondered what they ate
'the air'
what a notion but i prefer spit!
you smiled then &
glancily licked your tiny quartzpebbled teeth
and for a moment

i forgot how to breathe.
Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
7:25 pm
Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
9:04 pm
hi guys

This is Despair.
You can have my failure
if it suits you.
But nothing
will be left
of me.
You understand,
I hoped,
because I
was lonely
In this heavy, heavy air
Of hollow, hollow Despair.

Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, September 5th, 2004
6:13 am
wondering what emotions this invokes in anyone, if any?
feel you
your lamp lit moonskin

heat me
my dampened sequins

haze us
colored cloudy waterfalls

hazy fading smile and all

I always love hearing what certain prose means to one, and how completely that can be for another - happy to have joined your community today, there are some wonderful things here!

Current Mood: Ready to get off work!!
Sunday, November 24th, 2002
8:33 pm
sorry to plug, but I figured the folks in this community might be interested.
I just started a community for dreamers and dreams.


thanks for your time.
Sunday, November 17th, 2002
3:35 am
frustrated ego.
restricted to; falling.
my only demise left two seconds
after clocks had sprung
piercing, plotting
that is often
a silent resolution.

we colour
& more often we bleach it out
this is a second notion of thine eyes
because every teardrop you wish to reveal
I see hiding under cloaks of smiles & fairies.
enter; stop.

no dreams of weakness
or clenched fists.
no prayers for the dying
or with-held wits.
this is it.

your frustrated ego,
I wish to spray paint in black.
curled up in corners withering,
designing new ideas for when
to break apart most perfectly.
decided it was all a lie.
Saturday, November 9th, 2002
7:01 pm
Sunday, April 14th, 2002
11:57 pm
you in front of me
a reminder situatied like a fetish
on a trophy of tarnished metals
copper is flexible when heated
to be engraved and molded gently
brittle when cooled to break after striking
looses it's reflection after time
etchings remain but blurred
by fingertips reading as it were braille
feeling out the edges to learn anything at all
to recall the victories and the defeats
the fragile frames of our bodies in the doorway
the same skin stretched over bones
outlining features recognizable still
how could i have told you
this was happening all along
Tuesday, April 9th, 2002
5:02 pm
I am rocking back and forth in a maniquin factory, there are serpents wrapping around my stomach and spiderwebs in my eyes. When I open my mouth, moths fly out, and a river of blood with untouched gardenias and magnolias comes out spilling. My wrists have briars creeping around them, and my mind contains fish like thoughts floating around. The serpents dig through my stomach, crushing me, I am fading in dirt, my ribs are sticking out, turning into a white-picket fence. Flowers bloom from my heart, surrounded by a cage-of-ribs-rib-cage-fence. I am rocking back and forth in a maniquin factory. You are watching me with your tilty eyes, not able to see. You're hiding from me and I want to go up to each of the porcelain maniquins and touch them, feel for their heartbeat, listen for your heartbeat, because you're hiding amoung them. But should I look for someone who is hiding? I am hiding, but putting myself out for you to see. Why won't you look? Or come out? I want to go to the front room of the factory, where I keep fake maniquins of myself. i want to smash the fake-lunas up in the room I show everyone. I want to become liquid and put myself in a teacup, I want to be tangible, I want to be wanted and there.

Friday, April 5th, 2002
4:48 pm
stuck in winter

my hair is getting longer
the weather should get warmer soon
my complexion has been clear
the flowers are blooming and budding on the trees
i've gained a few pounds which i will promptly lose,
gain back and lose again
everyone seems to be falling in and out of love
i saw a couple kissing in their car.
they laughed, embarrassed when they saw me.
sometimes i feel like i am alone in being alone.
i painted my toenails a nice red color.
the day started off sunny and now it looks like rain
it feels like spring is coming on.
Thursday, February 14th, 2002
8:56 am
"why is the measure of love loss? love demands expression. it will not stay still, stay silent, be good, be modest, be seen and not be heard, no. it will break out in tongues of praise, the high note that smashes the glass and spills the liquid. it is not a conservationist love. it is a big game hunter and you are the game. a curse on this game. how can you stick at a game when the rules keep changing? i shall call myself alice and play croquet with the flamingoes. in wonderland everyone cheats and love is Wonderland, isn't it? love makes the world go round. love is blind. all you need is love. nobody ever died of a broken heart. you'll get over it. time's a great healer. still waiting for mr. right? miss right? it's the cliche's that cause the trouble...."
-author j. winterson from written on the body
Wednesday, February 13th, 2002
9:36 am

i can't believe it's been half a year....
tomorrow will not be my first day alone.
and i'm ok with that.
see me stand. see i am ok to walk
ok to move and walk away from here.
like i have been doing this for years.
see me still carrying your picture around
after six months
tomorrow will not be my first day alone.
and i am ok with that.
no one to say that to. to share the thought.
Monday, February 4th, 2002
1:00 pm
in the woods down the pipe & past the sunset
are unspoken faerie tales.
beneath dust,a book,& my dirty clothes
wither unsewn...unseen fairy tails
behind my mask & out of reach
the acorn hat & rowan broom
lies a spinning moonlit room
with me flying in it.

Current Mood: touched
Monday, January 28th, 2002
9:29 pm
in depth....
Thursday, January 24th, 2002
10:34 am
Not yet.
not yet�.not yet�...

She hurled through space and time. As she felt her mind swoosh in spirals, one thought screamed in her head: unfinished.

She had left this last life unfinished�and she needed to get back there now.
The whirling stopped, and she rose to her feet.


"Don't you hello me!" She glared." I was unfinished!!!"


"Look, I have to get back to life, and I have to do it right now!"

There is a new life ready at this moment.

"Good" She said," Perfect. I'll take it."

very well.

She braced herself for it, but none the less it took her breathe away. She suddenly was swirling downward�plummeting through the skies�.racing across the heavens.


As she entered the womb, the serenity of pink tissue enwrapped her. She sighed contently, as she started to match up with her new body. The urgency was almost forgotten in this ultimate place of comfort and warmth�

"I've got scores to settle" She dimly reminded herself, as her soul began to slowly forget..and to fade into the body....


Suddenly she felt sick, as her soul was slammed back into the in-between.

"What the hell happened?" She exclaimed, as she tried to calm her shivering senses.

Due to natural complications that body was terminated

For a moment she was speechless. She just couldn't grasp her ill-fortune.
"What?" She exclaimed." You have got me be kidding me! Why? Why when I need get back so badly??"


She scowled, and stomped her foot. "This is unbelievable! Why the hell even send me to it then? "

It is what you asked us to do

"AUGG!" She threw up her arms. For a few moments, she was tempted to indulge in a long string of curses. She decided to consider her options instead. " Ok, what else do I got?"

There are currently 9,000 lives about to be created in the area that you desire."

"All right, I can work with that." She said nodding. She waited a bit, but nothing happened." What are you waiting for? Send me back already!"

All of these lives do not match the karmic experience that you need. Spaces are reserved. .

"What?" She yelled" This is impossible! "

We have some nice life spots available on an alternative planet.

"No" She said gravely." That will not do. It has to be earth." She bite her lip, and stood still for a moment, deep in thought. Finally she sighed." Damn it! What am I supposed to do?"

We suggest you wait for an opening that matches your criteria.

She scowled with frustration.

Patience is a virtue.

She opened her mouth and started to protest, but stopped herself. She knew that there was no use arguing. As much as she hated it, the harsh reality was that there was no other option except to wait.

She sighed forlornly, as she sat down.

This could take a while.

cup of tea?
Saturday, January 19th, 2002
5:59 pm
he took her for a ride in his truck
unpaved roads leaving a trail
of dust following just behind them
jet planes leaving traces of their path
just to let us know how high they flew that day.
the window's slideshow view
clearcuts at sundown
old buildings made of wood,
falling apart with no doors
makes it easy to walk out.
but even easier to come back.
it wasn't much. but it was enough.
they saw the world
from the window of an old chevy truck
leaving a trail of dust behind them
jet planes leaving traces of their path
just to let us know how i high they flew that day.
Tuesday, January 8th, 2002
6:05 am
So it looks like I don't have a roommate after all. I have....made...my room into someplace special. Violent hues of taffeta, and fairy wings strew upon the walls....

Lord of the Rings, fairies, Mucha, Victorian Beauties and Camelot ladies dancing upon my kitchen.

Bells...little golden bells and thick blue ribbon curved around wood...

delicate butterflies resting peaceful on glitter wands.

Alice in Wonderland spyglass....purple beds....blue wigs....flower crowns, and clippings.

Quill pens....wax seal with a swirling" A" etched upon it...Jewish Tarot cards....

Candles....Harry potter....and pictures of a little girl happily playing in the garden.

Its not complete. There are missing pieces that I must find.....bare spots that refuse nothing but what belongs.
I have made...a place..of my own. A place guarded by Lizard WHYTTHN , Doom Bunny TM, Mr Fox and sally rag doll.
Its mine......
and no ugly stray mundane thoughts, or narrow minds can reach me.

There is something....dreamy about a place where you create your own rules...

This is going to be a place where tea will have an endless outpouring. This is a place where the air will be scented with incense, and old growth. This is a place where thousands of little pieces of light will reflect off mirrors..and glitters....and prisms.

For I do belive I need more prisms in my life.

Perhaps it will fill the hole....of a lost friend.
Monday, January 7th, 2002
10:19 pm
i've joined.

Tuesday, December 25th, 2001
12:25 am
Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!!

Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the shmo
..there lay a little fairy, waiting for snow
Her eyes were closed....her lips like a doll
for she was awaiting the arrival...of the Sugar Plum ball.

Oh the delights found in this event!
Whimsical dances, and lads heaven sent (*wink*)
boughs of sparkles, and ornaments so rare
that all will wonder if they are really there.

Cakes and cap'n crunch....witch shoes and more
for the Sugar Plum ball shall never a bore
icicle glances, and Christmas cheer
and cozy fires, to bring in the New Year.

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the shmo
was this fairy stirring?
Why, you'll never know.

This Christmas cheer was brought to you by Cap'n Crunch.
Thursday, December 20th, 2001
7:04 pm

The rain falls down
on last year's man
That's a Jews harp on the table,
that's a crayon in his hand.
And the corners of the blue print
are ruined since they rolled
Far past the stems of thumb tacks
that still throw shadows on the wood.
And the skylight is like the skin
for a drum I'll never mend
And all the rain falls down, Amen,
on the works of last year's man.

I met a lady she was playing
with her soldiers in the dark
Oh, one by one she had to tell them
that her name was Joan of Arc.
I was in that army,
yes I stayed a little while
I want to thank you Joan of Arc
for treating me so well.
And tho' I wear a uniform
I was not born to fight
All these wounded boys you lie beside;
goodnight my friends, goodnight.

I came upon a wedding
that old families had contrived
Bethlehem the bridegroom
Babylon the bride.
Great Babylon was naked
Ah! she stood there trembling for me
And Bethlehem inflamed us both
like the shy one at some orgy.
And when we fell together
all our flesh was like a veil
That I had to draw aside
to see the serpent eat its tail.

Some women wait for Jesus
and some women wait for Cain
So I hang upon my alter
and I hoist my axe again.
And I take the one who finds me
back to where it all began
When Jesus was the honeymoon
and Cain was just the man.
And we read from pleasant bibles
that are bound in blood and skin
That all the wilderness is gathering all
its children back again.

The rain falls down
on last year's man
An hour has gone by
and he has not moved his hand.
But everything will happen
if he only gives the word
The lovers will rise up
and the mountains touch the ground.
But the skylight is like skin
for a drum I'll never mend
And all the rain falls down, Amen,
on the works of last year's man.

*words and music by Leonard Cohen

If only I could write lyrics like that. It wouldn't matter that I can't sing...
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