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Queen Shen'annah'gans: mistress of tomfoolery

Not yet.

not yet�.not yet�...

She hurled through space and time. As she felt her mind swoosh in spirals, one thought screamed in her head: unfinished.

She had left this last life unfinished�and she needed to get back there now.
The whirling stopped, and she rose to her feet.


"Don't you hello me!" She glared." I was unfinished!!!"


"Look, I have to get back to life, and I have to do it right now!"

There is a new life ready at this moment.

"Good" She said," Perfect. I'll take it."

very well.

She braced herself for it, but none the less it took her breathe away. She suddenly was swirling downward�plummeting through the skies�.racing across the heavens.


As she entered the womb, the serenity of pink tissue enwrapped her. She sighed contently, as she started to match up with her new body. The urgency was almost forgotten in this ultimate place of comfort and warmth�

"I've got scores to settle" She dimly reminded herself, as her soul began to slowly forget..and to fade into the body....


Suddenly she felt sick, as her soul was slammed back into the in-between.

"What the hell happened?" She exclaimed, as she tried to calm her shivering senses.

Due to natural complications that body was terminated

For a moment she was speechless. She just couldn't grasp her ill-fortune.
"What?" She exclaimed." You have got me be kidding me! Why? Why when I need get back so badly??"


She scowled, and stomped her foot. "This is unbelievable! Why the hell even send me to it then? "

It is what you asked us to do

"AUGG!" She threw up her arms. For a few moments, she was tempted to indulge in a long string of curses. She decided to consider her options instead. " Ok, what else do I got?"

There are currently 9,000 lives about to be created in the area that you desire."

"All right, I can work with that." She said nodding. She waited a bit, but nothing happened." What are you waiting for? Send me back already!"

All of these lives do not match the karmic experience that you need. Spaces are reserved. .

"What?" She yelled" This is impossible! "

We have some nice life spots available on an alternative planet.

"No" She said gravely." That will not do. It has to be earth." She bite her lip, and stood still for a moment, deep in thought. Finally she sighed." Damn it! What am I supposed to do?"

We suggest you wait for an opening that matches your criteria.

She scowled with frustration.

Patience is a virtue.

She opened her mouth and started to protest, but stopped herself. She knew that there was no use arguing. As much as she hated it, the harsh reality was that there was no other option except to wait.

She sighed forlornly, as she sat down.

This could take a while.

cup of tea?
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